Hands Up!

I was stopped for a speeding ticket this morning on the way to work. As soon as I saw those flashing blue lights I thought to myself “Dang, now I’m going to be late.” I woke up late yesterday so I definitely didn’t want to be late today. By the time I pulled to the

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a busy one for me. I finally finished packing on Friday, then moved on Saturday. My wonderful parents came up from Louisiana, and my amazing boyfriend came from Atlanta to help. I sure needed it too! The forecast here in South Georgia was

I Hate Moving!

Hey yall! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend with their mothers for Mother’s Day! I wasn’t able to spend the day with my mom, but we talk on the phone multiple times daily, and Sunday was no different. So, if you guys have been following my blog and/or keep up with me via social media,